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Custom Painting Services

There are tons and tons of custom painting ideas out there. Adam can work with you on particular projects you have in mind for unique and creative painting services.

Accent walls are one of the most popular options for easily yet effectively changing up a room. You can brighten, lengthen, emphasize, or de-emphasize a wall in a space with a new coat of paint.

All About Accent Walls

Basic rules of thumb for accent walls include:

  • Find your Focal Point
  • Creating Symmetry and Balance
  • Clean Corners

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bright greens are a great idea for accent walls in oahu, where greenery abounds all around and compliments the landscape beautifully

Find your Focal Point

Where do you want your eye to go in the room? A wall without windows or doors often works best. You can highlight a beautiful piece of new art with an accent wall, a stylized architectural point of the room, or a special furniture piece.

Conversely, you can camouflage certain visual pieces. A darker wall behind the T.V. for example, can hide it when it’s turned off.

Symmetry and Balance

Accent walls will mostly look off if they aren’t on the far wall of the room, or the shorter wall, or on a wall that’s nicely balanced throughout the room. The far wall from the entrance, or the shortest wall in a long hallway, will produce the best accent wall results.

Clean Corners

No matter where the accent wall is, clean and defined corners will make your accent wall look complete, professional, and intentional. Adam is a skilled painter who will always achieve crisp corners while painting.

newly painted accent walls add dynamism, balance, and interest to spaces with bold colors that complement the room

Think about the “Fifth” Wall

What’s the fifth wall? The ceiling, of course! You can add a lot of interest and dynamism to a room by painting a ceiling instead of a wall. This works well for homes with oddly shaped walls where symmetry or a focal point aren’t clear.

Furniture painting

Furniture painting, like home painting, can infuse new life into your furniture while protecting it. Outdoor furniture is most prone to exposure damage, making patio furniture a great option for painting. Indoor furniture that experiences a lot of normal wear and tear is also best-suited for repainting and even refinishing or varnishing.

When NOT to Paint Furniture

Painting furniture is an awesome way to be environmentally friendly by re-using old furniture. It’s also budget-friendly, considering how expensive new furniture can be. There are, however, certain times when painting furniture is not a great choice.

Family Heirlooms

Don’t paint furniture that’s been passed down through generations. Covering family heirlooms with paint might sound like a good idea, but you might regret it later on. Instead of painting those kinds of furniture, thinking about getting them restored, or re-varnished!

Using the Wrong Paint

Another time you don’t want to paint furniture is when you don’t have the right paint. You don’t want to use any old can of paint you happen to have laying around the house. Many times, you also can’t simply paint directly over the furniture. Sanding and priming is almost always necessary.

beautifully repainted kitchen cabinet will last a lifetime with an extra clear coat of paint

The Right Furniture Paint

The best paints for furniture are satin or semi-gloss luster, using a latex paint for indoor or outdoor furniture. If you’ve got extra interior paint and want to match your furniture and walls or accent wall and furniture, go for it!

An additional seal of protection for outdoor furniture is highly recommended, and even for heavily used indoor furniture like coffee tables and furniture in family rooms. A polyurethane top coat, made for indoors or outdoors, will do the trick.

Pro Tip: With vintage being very stylish these days, a milk paint—water-based paint made with limestone, clay, pigments, and casein—adds a lovely distressed look to furniture, for a natural patina, visual interest, and vintage essence.

Trim and Baseboard Painting

Window Painting

Baseboards can get dulled and worn. Because they are on the ground, they often get lots of dust exposure, with quite a bit of traffic, shoes, or maybe kids toys bouncing against them. Interior trim nicely contrasts with interior walls, but is also prone to fading and damage.

Especially if you’ve made a dramatic color shift on your interior walls, re-painting your baseboards and trim to match is a must!

Windows receive a lot of wear and tear as well thanks to being constantly being opened and closed. Their exteriors generally receive lots of sun, salt, and exposure, particularly in oceanfront homes. Repainted windows look lovely and protect your home.

First, windows must always be cleaned with a cleaning solution and razor blade (never scrape dirt and muck off dry windows, this could cause scratches and damage). This will ensure a good seal of the paint because the glass will be clean.

Window Painting Tips

Starting early in the day is particularly important for windows and doors, because you want dry windows and doors by the end of the day. Keeping out mosquitos, roaches, critters, and possible thieves is tough to do when you’re missing windows and doors.

Finally, keep those tracks free of paint using masking tape or painters tape.

After all, what’s the use of windows if they’re sticking in their tracks and difficult to slide open?

Cabinet Painting on Oahu

Re-painted kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, living room cabinets, or any other cabinets you can think of are a fantastic way to elevate a space. Newly painted rooms will naturally lend themselves to newly varnished or painted cabinets, while older houses find a balance between modern cabinets and older aesthetics.

Update a plain space with stylishly painted cabinetry, painted by a professional. Professional cabinet painting includes removal of cabinets from their locations, disassembly, and separation. Each piece gets sanded and primed (as needed), and painted individually to get the best most professional results.

Door painting

Painting a door in a new bright color can add a pop of boldness to a house, and refresh the look of a home. It’s often the first thing guests see, and an old faded door isn’t very appealing.

Door painting includes removal of the door from the hinges, with removal of hardware. Then onto sanding, priming, painting, and reinstallation by the end of the day.

Custom Painting Ideas

Have a custom painting idea you don’t see listed? Call today to find out about other painting services Broke Slipper can offer, such as stucco, designs, texturing, fences, and decks.