Exterior House Painting Services

Broke Slipper Painting offers an array of exterior painting services including siding painting, trim painting, garage painting, and roof painting. Learn more about the basic differences between interior and exterior paint, and the specific considerations for painting in Hawaii below. Then, read more about the different exterior painting services Broke Slipper Painting can offer you!

Exterior Paint versus Interior Paint

Exterior paint has to hold up against a lot more wear and tear than interior paint does. Exterior house painting protects your home from damaging elements such as wind, sun, rain, high heat or cold, moisture, and mold.

That’s why exterior paint is higher in concentrations, called resins, which protect the home, sidings, and other areas from long-term damage. Other ingredients in exterior paint include additives, binders, pigments, and solvents. The difference between interior paint and exterior paint is that exterior paint is much higher in resins and additives, which combat deterioration, and mildew.

bold exterior paint colors depend on the general lanscape of the area, your neighborhood, and the overall desired aesthetic for your hawaii home

Resins and Volatile Organic Compounds

One of the greatest differences between exterior and interior paint ingredients is the presence of certain chemicals which off gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Because exterior house paint is meant to be more durable, that also means a higher levels of solvents.

These solvents increase the level of VOCs. That’s why it’s crucial to never use exterior paint for an interior space, and to always have good ventilation, even when painting outside. When done properly and combined with routine paint maintenance, a high-quality paint job performed with good quality paint can stay beautiful for up to 10 to 15 years!

Exterior House Finishes

Some basic similarities between interior and exterior paints include the variety of finishes and sheens that both offer. Like with interior painting, some finishes will be better suited to different parts of the house’s exterior.

A flat finish is much more porous than other finishes, and not ideal for homes especially susceptible to mildew and sun exposure. It is, however, ideal for old wooden siding or to cover up imperfections on siding.

Popular Exterior Finish

Eggshell comes in as a highly popular exterior paint finish, just as it does for interiors. That’s because it applies smoothly and is washable. Eggshell isn’t as shiny as it’s gloss competitors, making it another good choice for highlighting trim and covering imperfections.

Satin Finish has a higher level of UV protection, making it ideal for many sunny Hawaii homes. Thanks to its durability and stretch, it can prevent mildew build-up and doesn’t peel easily. Unfortunately, satin does show imperfections, so when trying to paint over dents and dings in older siding it’s less preferable than a flat finish.

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Glossy Exterior Paints

Semi-gloss paint hides perfections even less than satin finish, but it’s an ideal choice for garage doors, railings, window sills, and front doors due to its boldness and shine. Semi-gloss finish is best for areas that need a lot of cleaning or receive a lot of exposure to the elements. Because semi-gloss paint is stronger, it is ideal for high moisture regions such as Nuuanu, Manoa, and the Windward side of Oahu.

High Gloss Paint finish is the brightest and shiniest of the options. Because it’s so beautiful and bold, high-gloss is best for accenting specific architecture, shutters, front doors, window frames, or high-traffic exterior areas such as fixtures and railings.

You might be tempted to paint your entire house with high-gloss paint, but it will look overwhelming. Broke Slipper Painting will help you decide on the best choices for whichever exterior areas of your home need a new coat of paint.

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Hawaii Painting Considerations

The best times to paint are when humidity is relatively low, with an optimal temperature range of 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Preparation and planning are integral to an ideal finished product, especially in Hawaii where weather can be volatile.

Firstly, no matter where you’re located, go for quality. Better quality paints and proper preparation might seem expensive, but those steps will save you big bucks over the long run.

Prepare the Exterior Properly

If it’s a newly constructed home you need painted, feel free to scroll past this part. If, however, you’re repainting an existing home, here are the basic rules of planning before paint is even applied:

Stripping Existing Paint

Removing existing paint chips, bubbles, and peels creates a smooth surface for the exterior paint.

Only Paint on Clean and Dry Surfaces

Power washing or hand-washing of trim, siding, doors, or any other surfaces you want painted is an absolute must before painting. Getting the surfaces dry is also important to prevent any moisture getting trapped in the wood, vinyl, masonry, or stucco.

Exterior House Paint Colors

There are just as many color options for the exterior of a home as there are for interior painting. Think about the colors that best complement your décor, neighborhood, personal taste, levels of sunlight throughout the year, and the landscape.  A mellow shade of grey might look nice in more urban settings, while brighter hues could play off of more vibrant landscapes.

Specialty Exterior Painting

Besides general painting services, Broke Slipper Painting also offers a variety of unique painting services to meet your home needs.

Roof Painting

Roof painting depends on the type of roof you have. Whether you have a corrugated iron roof, asphalt shingle, cedar, Japanese roofing, tiled roof, or something else will change the approach to painting the roof.

No matter the type of roof, however, the absolute first step is a good power washing. After power washing, it’s possible to accurately assess whether tiles might need replacing, and how many layers of paint might be needed. Two coats of colored paint is the standard, but in some roofs where damage is greater, additional priming and sealers may be needed.

walls and roofs being painted in hawaii home

Read more about Hawaii Roof Painting.

Garage Painting

Broke Slipper Painting will also paint garage interiors and exteriors. You can revive and old and shabby garage, not only making it more aesthetically pleasing for the neighborhood, but a safer and more pleaseing space for storage and vehicles as well.

Siding Painting

Various types of siding exist including wood, vinyl, metal, and cement fiber. No matter which type of siding your home has, a new coat of paint will dramatically improve and preserve your home. Different siding has better levels of protection and durability, lending certain types to different finishes and paints. Broke Slipper Painting helps you decide which is best for you.

Keep in mind that any vinyl and some other siding materials will require a coat of primer before color can be applied so that paint will not quickly chip or flake.

brightly painted white window frames contrast against yellow house walls

Window Painting

Add pops of color using a high-sheen paint to revitalize your home without all the time of painting the entire home. Painted window frames can enhance the color scheme of a home and add complexity and visual interest in an affordable way. Plus, well-painted window frames will be less likely to rot and become damaged over time.

Driveway Painting

Another fun project to consider for your home is repainting your driveway. Over time, driveways can deteriorate and become unsightly. Painting a concrete driveway requires initial sweeping, cleaning, and filling of any cracks or crevices. We can’t reiterate enough how much beauty and endurance this will add to your entire home over time!

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