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New Painting and Repainting

Whether you have a brand new house requiring a fresh round of interior painting or exterior painting, or an existing home that needs an updated paint job, Broke Slipper Paint is here to serve you.

Painting a Brand New Home

Broke Slipper can paint newly constructed home interiors and exteriors. Upon completion of work by drywallers, who will have applied, sanded, and smoothed drywall mud, Adam will come in to paint the interior of a newly constructed house. What makes painting a newly constructed home arguably easier is that nothing has been installed or placed yet. No need to worry about flooring, cabinets, shelves, dressers, beds, outlets, and lights.

All sanding and preferred texturing has been completed as well. Depending on your choice of paint and whether you’ll also be wanting siding, any kind of trim, or specific accent walls, Adam will cut in around the edges of those areas to prevent paint overlap. In cases of Level 5 painting, which is not required for most homes, he will also use painters tape, and an additional round of sanding may be necessary.

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To read more about the specifics of interior painting, click on the link above. For specific custom services, head to the link below.

The Importance of Interior Priming

Priming every wall is the first step to a smooth and flawless final product. Your final paint choice will guide the primer choice, as some types of paint do not agree with others. Whether you chose a water-based, latex, or acrylic paint will dictate the type of primer needed. As mentioned before, the type of finish you chose will depend on the type of room you’re painting.

Finishes and the Finished Product

Oftentimes a flat finish is best for rooms that are more formal. These are rooms such as dining and living rooms. For kitchens and bathrooms where humidity and staining is high, using semi-gloss and gloss finishes is the best option, especially considering Hawaii’s humidity. An extra coat of primer and/ or paint may be necessary, since gloss finishes are more likely to show imperfections. Then, course, there is Satin finish, one of the most common finishes often used for a majority of the walls, including hallways, children’s rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Sanding Primer

To achieve best result, the first coat of primer must always be lightly sanded to get the best adherence of the chosen paint color. It might seem cheaper to use a tinted primer and only put one coat of colored paint, but that is an often more costly and lower-quality strategy for the longer term.

Another coat of color will then be applied after cutting in along the wall edges, and paint rollers will be used to create smooth, even walls. Once again, the process of painting a newly constructed house is arguably simpler than one that’s already built, because we don’t have to worry about appliances, cabinets, toilets, stoves, and such.

Next it’s time to get the floors, cabinets, trim, and other basic accessories installed by other company professionals.

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Repainting an Existing Interior

Repainting, especially home interior painting, presents some other challenges that Broke Slipper Painting has the skills and experience to easily tackle.

Re-painting Existing Walls and Houses

When repainting interiors, the first step is to remove anything we don’t want to get paint on, or cover any objects that are immovable. Taping around cabinets is common, as well as covering floors with high quality, non-slip drop cloths. Outlet covers must be removed and stored safely, and other appliances, smaller objects, etc. will be removed or covered.

Custom Painting

Broke Slipper Painting company also offers door painting, window painting, trim painting, siding painting, and other custom services, but the standard is for all nail holes in the trim and any joints to be caulked, sanded, and painted. This goes for newly installed baseboards you may have around the home as well.

To learn about the specifics of exterior painting, click on the link above. Check out roof painting services below.

Exterior House Painting Services

Exterior house painting, similar to interior painting, is generally easier with a newly constructed house, but Broke Slipper painting company offers both services, as well as siding painting, roofing painting, and even garage painting. Exterior house paint generally follows similar rules in terms of colors, but exterior paint must be much more sturdy, fade-resistant, mold resistant, and weather-resistant.

Because of that, they also possess more chemicals in the form of paint resins, which is why exterior paint should never be used indoors. Especially in Hawaii, it’s important to choose an exterior paint that will weather against salt air, high humidity, rain, lots of sun, temperature changes, heat, and more. No matter how high-quality a paint, however, long-term wear and tear is normal, which is why consistent paint maintenance is crucial for a lasting paint service.

Out with the Old Paint

Depending on the age of the paint and whether there is damage, it will be recommended to either remove the old paint or at minimum sand and re-primer the surface to avoid patches and blemishes. If using a paint color very similar or identical to the original, primer may sometimes not be necessary. Most of the time it’s recommended to re-primer, however, and it’s unavoidable if you’re using a new color that significantly differs from the old one.

Old Paint Removal

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove old paint altogether on the interior or the exterior of the home. The paint removal process is quite standard for latex or acrylic painted walls. First, the loosest paint is scraped from the walls with a wire brush after a drop cloth has been laid on the floor to catch the pieces. Next, a paint scraper is used to remove the stronger sections of the paint.

Sanding is used to clean the walls up and smooth them even further. Finally, a vacuum is used to clear particles so that new painting can begin as outlined above.

**Please note that houses older than 1978 may require a different strategy or method, as paints that old often contain lead**

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