Interior House Painting in Kailua

Broke Slipper Painting offers residential painting services across all of Oahu and, when possible, on the outer islands.

Interior Painting Basics

The very first step for assessing the scope and needs of an interior painting project is quite simple—take a look around—does multiple rooms need repainting? Is the ceiling looking worse for wear?

Would the lighting in a room lend itself better to a lighter paint color or a darker one? Are there windows that will need covering (or a coat of paint themselves). Do your baseboards need to get covered? Maybe doors are starting to lose their color and vibrance?

There are multitudes of factors to assess before interior painting, all of which Broke Slipper Painting Company understands.

Next is arguably the most fun part—choosing your paint color. Broke Slipper Painting offers color-matching services to help you find that perfect match, or you can go for an entirely different color—the choices are endless.

House Paint Colors

For some, deciding on a paint color can take longer than the actual painting! Not really, but it speaks to the seriously huge array of paint color options that is available to us.

There are hundreds and hundreds of shades of white—and that’s just the tip of the color iceberg. To simplify your life and save you some headache, narrow your choices down to some basic considerations:

Choose the Finish First

Depending on the type of room, you’ll want a particular finish: satin, eggshell, semi, or gloss. These finishes can look better or worse with certain colors in certain rooms. Bright greens might sound appealing as a hallway color, but they’ll look dull and boring in an eggshell finish.

Conversely, a semi-gloss finish is common for kitchens and bathrooms, but since you’ll already have some shine you won’t necessarily want to use a very bold color (magenta kitchen, anyone?).

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Think About the Lighting

Are you painting an east facing wall that you really want to pop in the morning light, or a low-light area that you’d like to be less reflective? Is that bright white you loved before starting to show too many blemishes in the sunlight and in need of a darker, more calming color? Think about the points of a home that receive more or less light and what kinds of colors you’d like to bring the focus on.

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beautiful bright green tones are a great color choice for living rooms, especially to accentuate oahu's foliage

Interior Paint Colors Influence Mood

Did you know red is a commonly chosen color in fast-food designs because red is commonly associated with appetite and hunger? Or that blue often acts as a calming color, but also an appetite suppressant? While darker greens can evoke focus and clarity and be great for office rooms, and also encourage restfulness when used in a living room.

Then there is the ever-bold purple which sparks creativity and evokes luxury, making it a wonderful choice for accent walls but an overwhelming choice for most everyday rooms. Yellow is a joyful and exuberant color that can add space to a room with its reflectiveness, but it can also activate the mind too much, increasing frustration and irritability.

simple white painted bathrooms in a semigloss finish are always a great interior painting choice

What is the Energy of the Room?

Think about the mood you want to evoke in a particular room to guide your choice in accent wall, baseboard, wall, and window painting. You might not realize it, but those colors have much more than a purely decorative impact on you and your guests, family, and friends experiences of a space.

Preview House Paints

Don’t just go for a color right away. Get some samples and test the colors out on portions of the wall. That turquoise that seemed perfect might fall flat in a poorly-lit room, while a sunshine yellow might become muddy in the wrong light.

Know Your Square Footage

Your color choice will influence how much paint you need.

Dramatic color changes require more paint and more coats, so if you’re looking to budget, chose a color that is relatively close to the current color to save costs on supplies.

If you have textured surfaces, that will also increase the total surface area and how the paint color looks on the wall. Be sure to test colors on the same surface and account for the extra paint you’ll need when working on textured walls.

choosing between different interior paint colors can be overwhelming, but broke slipper paint will help you decided on which color is the best option for your room

Proper Painting Protocol

Simply put, the more cluttered a room is, the more time consuming the preparation will be. Whatever type of floor you have will need to be covered, as well as baseboards and trim if you’re not ready to have them painted. Windows may need to be covered or removed for painting, and ceiling painting requires some careful maneuvering around fans and appliances above.

Adequate Interior Ventilation

Good ventilation is a requirement for interior painting, particularly in smaller rooms without windows and air flow. Broke Slipper Painting may bring in fans or open windows to ensure that there’s enough air flowing.

Bonus: better airflow leads to faster drying!

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