Paint Maintenance in Hawaii

All painting services performed by Broke Slipper Paint include a complimentary 1-time paint maintenance service, generally 6 months after service has been completed.

What is Paint Maintenance?

Paint maintenance sounds like what it is—maintaining your paint with professional methods to be sure it is not becoming damaged over time. Think of it as a doctor’s check-up on the painting health of your home—necessary for optimal health and prevention.

Paint maintenance refers to a variety of measures Adam takes to make sure your paint will last as long as possible. These services include pressure washing and cleaning , and surveying of interior walls as well as exterior walls, siding, roofing, and garages for any problem areas.

How often do you need

Paint Maintenance?

Most homes would benefit greatly from bi-annual paint maintenance. In some drier climates around Oahu, such as on the West Side or around Honolulu, annual paint maintenance will suffice. Throughout most of the islands, however, high humidity, rainfall, and moisture occur throughout the year.

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Bi-annual maintenance checks are affordable and financially smart because they’ll allow you to repair small issues before they become large, costly ones.

moldy walls in hawaii are a common issue, which routine paint maintenance in oahu can protect against

The Benefits of Paint Maintenance

Routine maintenance will protect your home, save you money on repairs over time, and guard your home against deterioration. You wouldn’t go 10 years without taking a look under your hood, changing your oil, rotating your tires, or servicing your vehicle—don’t go 10 years without servicing your home, either!

Region Specific Recommendations

Learn more about the unique recommendations for different climates around Oahu. Weather patterns can help you decide your maintenance schedule

Older Hawaii Homes

Preserve Older Homes with Servicing

Even if you haven’t gotten a new coat of residential paint recently, call Broke Slipper for a paint maintenance check-up, with routine maintenance between every 6-12 months.

Old homes are more vulnerable to damage, especially in regions with high humidity. Older siding and paint are susceptible to peeling and cracking. Keep damages minimized with routine maintenance.

Newer Hawaii Homes

Make New Paint Last Longer

Older homes have a higher chance of damage that’s already occurred, while newer homes benefit from maintenance because it prevents natural wear and tear. Again, if you bought a brand new car, you would do what you could to effectively prolong its value over time, right?

Yet many times homeowners don’t prioritize their new home’s paint maintenance. A freshly painted home needs care and upkeep specifically because it is new. To sustain a home’s worth, bi-annual servicing is ideal.

homes near beach accesses in hawaii are especially prone to sea salt damage and sand exposure

Hawaii Climate Guidelines

Below we’ve listed some basic guidelines for paint maintenance depending on the climate your home might be located in.

very humid regions around oahu can cause paint damage over time

Humid Hawaii Climates

Bi-annual servicing is an absolute must for humid, wet, and moist climate on Oahu and throughout the islands. Kauai homes are prone to moisture degradation, as are many houses on the East Side of Hawaii and Oahu, such as Kaneohe, Kailua, and Waimanlo. Nuuanu and Tantalus are also high-humidity regions, necessitating bi-annual maintenance.

sunny and dry climates such as in central oahu, west oahu, and on the hilo side of big island don't need as frequent paint maintenance for protection from moisture

Dry, Low Humidity Climates

Drier regions of the islands such as the West Side of Hawaii, as well as central Oahu regions like Pearl City and Aiea, can stick to annual services. Interior walls can experience cracking and separation of drywall mud in very low humidity, but this is generally not a problem throughout most of Hawaii.

Seaside Climates

If you are lucky enough to have an ocean-side home, you also know the difficulties of protecting a home, cars, appliances, flooring, and other surfaces from the damages of salt air. Salt in the air flows into homes along sea breezes. It causes rust damage on metals, can put water spots on windows and glass, and chip the edges of paint on ledges and window sills.

Sand exposure from sea breezes can also cause problems, as sand will slowly scratch at your paint over time. For sea-side homes, especially ones that are very close to beaches, canals, water-ways, and beach accesses, tri-annual or bi-annual upkeep and care is a fantastic, affordable option for safeguarding your beautiful ocean-front property.