Roof Painting in Oahu

One particularly valuable exterior painting service offered at Broke Slipper Painting is roof painting.

Basic Roof Maintenance

If you don’t yet need to repaint your roof, routine power washing maintenance from Broke Slipper Painting is a great way to keep track of how your roof is holding up over time and protect it from damage.

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Popular Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingle is one of the most common roofing materials in Hawaii. It’s uncommon for asphalt roofing to be painted over, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In the case of asphalt shingle roofing it’s best to use a very high-quality acrylic latex paint with a flat finish to get the job done. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles aren’t environmentally friendly, and don’t last as long as some other options.

asphalt shingle is one of the singlemost popular options for roofing in hawaii

Metal Roofing

Another popular roofing material is metal roofing, because metal roofs tend to be highly durable and low maintenance. Plus, they’re better for the environment and have a variety of colors available.

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Painting Metal Roofing

For older metal roofs, some rust removal is often necessary. Acrylic paint is once again the go-to choice for painting metal roofs, sometimes used in combination with a metal primer. Metal roofing can be expensive for some, however, which is why tiles are also a popular roofing choice.

metal roofing is a common choice in hawaii, which broke slipper painting can paint to protect your home from hawaii weather

Metal roofs are low maintenance.

Tiles are another popular roof choice.

Painting Tile Roofing

Tile is a beautiful addition to a home, but the tiles themselves are prone to breaking and can be heavy. The colors are also prone to fading. If you’ve invested a lot of money into a tile roof and are now disappointed to see it losing its vibrance, Broke Slipper Painting can help!

As always, a thorough power washing is the first step. After that, damaged tiles must be replaced or repaired. Any areas of the roof not to be painted such as gutters, vents, and sky lights must be covered. Next, an oil-based primer is used to prepare the roof for painting.

Finally, acrylic paint in a color of your choice is used, most commonly in a paint sprayer, to coat the entire roof and each tile in a new coat of paint.

tiles require upkeep and maintenance for the best roofing without possible damage

Tile roofing requires regular maintenance to last.

Wood Shingles

for Roofing

Then there are wood shingles, which look best on more natural and less modern homes. They can also come in different stains depending on your visual choice. They do not, however, provide particularly good fire protection.

In the case of painting wood shingle roofs, an oil-based stain blocking primer is needed to seal in the stain on the wood. Again, acrylic paint will be used.

Curious to learn more about varnishing? Head to the Refinishing and Varnishing page to learn more.

Preserve and Protect your Roof

You can potentially save yourself a lot of time and money through roof re-painting. That’s because older roof paint becomes more and more susceptible to damage, leaks, and cracks.

There are plenty of added benefits to painting roofs, as many newer paints now offer additional protections like fire resistance, UV protection, water resistance, and insect and pest repellants.

Depending on where you live, certain protections might not be as important: you’ll want a paint that’s powerfully UV protective in sunnier neighborhoods (such as on the West Side, whereas you’ll want that’s heavily water repellant for wetter climates as you might find in the upper mountains of Honolulu.

metal roofing is ideal in hawaii because it's low maintenance and water repellant

All Regions of Oahu need Durable Roofing

No matter where you live, you can protect your home’s roof significantly longer with an effective coat of sealer and new paint, potentially even avoiding the costly and time-consuming project of complete roof replacement.

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