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Painting Maintenance will Save you a Fortune

Painting Maintenance will Save you a Fortune Over Time

So, What is Paint Maintenance?

Paint Maintenance describes a variety of services that are regularly used to maintain the quality and beauty of interior paint, exterior paint, siding paint, and even garage paint. If you’ve got a painted surface, there’s a maintenance service available for you! A primary paint maintenance service is power-washing or pressure washing, which Broke Slipper Paint offers routinely. This is one of the most important ways you can protect your home and investment.

How Frequently is Maintenance Needed?

Maintenance services such as power washing, scrubbing, mold and dirt removal can be spaced out as long as 12 months, or happen as often as every 3 months. It really depends on the location you’re in. A typical interval of time is every 6 months for a routine inspection and overall servicing, including pressure washing, inspecting paint for damage or mold, and checking in on sun damage, salt water damage, or heat issues.

How does Environment Affect My Paint?

The durability of your paint depends primarily on the climate you’re in. In very wet locations such as Tantalus in Honolulu, Kailua Town, Kaneohe, Nuuanu, and even regions of the North Shore are all examples of places where consistent paint maintenance will make a huge financial difference in the long-term. Drier climates such as the West Side (Ewa Beach, Aiea, Makaha), Central Oahu (Pearl City and Mililani) are best suited to yearly maintenance. That’s because these places have significantly less rain, so concerns about mold build-up and decay are minimized. Once a year is still important though, as problems can still arise in drier climates. Heat is especially taxing on paint!

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The final region most common to Hawaii and Oahu specifically is beach-front or coastal climates. Think Waimanalo beach lots, Kahala, Koolina, Diamond Head, and Waikiki. These areas have tons of salt spray and saltwater. Salt in the air acts like sandpaper on your paint. You know how your hair gets crunchy and dried out after a day at the beach? The same thing is happening to your exterior house paint day in and day out. Optimal maintenance for beach-front or coastal homes is 6 months, but can even happen as often as every 3 months.

How is Paint Maintenance Saving Me Money?

If you think about the average cost of a complete re-paint for a Hawaii home versus the cost of even 3 pressure washing services a year, the savings are a no-brainer! You’ll be saving thousands of dollars, time, and headache by following up on your newly painted house with Broke Slipper Paint Maintenance Services. We believe so strongly in this service, the first check-up 6 months after we complete a job is on us! That’s because for us, it’s about making sure your paint will last as long as possible. After all, paint technology has come a long way, but it’s still not indestructible. You wouldn’t go 10 years without changing the oil in your car or cleaning your toilet, right? Yet often times homeowners forget about this service. Some paint companies don’t offer a free initial paint maintenance service…some companies don’t do paint maintenance at all!

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Because for them it’s better to have you come back in 3 years because the paint is all worn down. Then you’re paying for the same service! Broke Slipper Paint is about protecting your home and getting it done right the first time. You have plenty more important things to worry about than re-painting your home every 2-4 years! Make your investment last longer with ongoing Paint Maintenance services from Broke Slipper Paint. And, of course, we’ve got you covered for all your other painting needs too!

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