Refinishing Services

Not to be confused with remodeling, refinishing is the removal of an old layer of stain or sealer from a surface, with the addition of a new one added. Refinishing applies to floors, decks, cabinets, furniture, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Bathroom Refinishing

When it comes to bathrooms, you can refinish the vanity mirror, cabinets, and the bathtub. Bathtub refinishing is often a cheaper alternative to replacing a bathtub. Bathtub replacement costs add up fast, from everything to the plumbing, tiling, plumber, and new bathtub installation, plus hiring a contractor to do the whole thing.

luxury bathtubs are easily created with refinishing from local painting company broke slipper painting

An Affordable Bathtub Solution

Refinish your bathtub to make it last without breaking into your savings to do so. Refinishing means your tub will not have to be moved, saving you tons in the removal process.

Bathtub Refinishing Steps

First, anything not being refinished must be covered to prevent overspray. The faucet, fittings, and hardware are removed and kept safe in a different area. A ventilation fan will move fumes out of the room.

Sanding of the bathtub comes next. For tough jobs, an etching with acid helps the new coat to stick. Then onto vacuuming, filling chips, cracks, and worn spots, and sanding again.

newly refinished master bathtub looks great and is economical for hawaii homeowners who don't want to spend a fortune hiring a contractor

Bathtub Painting

Three coats of primer are sprayed and left to dry, then an additional three to four layers of topcoat are sprayed and left to cure. Finally, the tub is buffed if needed.

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Kitchen Refinishing

Kitchen sink refinishing is similar to bathtub refinishing, and you can read all about kitchen cabinet refinishing on the custom painting page.

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Deck Refinishing

Refinishing a deck adds enormous value and protection to your home. Here in Hawaii, the possibility to spend time outside is practically year-round.

If you’re lucky enough to have a deck in Hawaii, you also know that maintenance can sometimes be frustrating. Deck refinishing starts with the basics steps of removal, repair, vacuum, and reseal

beautifully refinished deck is ready to use for any number of outdoor occassions
comparison of a refinished versus an unfinished deck

You can see how much of a difference between the finished wood (left) and the unfinished wood (right) there is here.

Removing the Original Seal or Stain

A power sander gets this part of the job done quickly. Eye protection and a dust mask is worn to prevent dust and particles getting in eyes.

Repair all Damage

Any damaged areas of the deck or flooring (see below) will need to be repaired and fixed. Next is to vacuum up the dust and particles.

Stain before Sealing

A coat of wood stain will be applied first to add color and shine to the wood of the deck. The final layer of sealer is applied.

Re-finishing flooring is a bit more complicated than refinishing a deck, with the additional work required to cover and protect any interior cabinets, outlets, tables, and furniture. Plus, the shoe base—molding where the floor and wall meet—must be removed, and additional buffing is important.

Next is smoothing out the floor and checking for any cracks, nails, or problem areas. A floor sander will make the next step a breeze. Sweep and vacuum between each round of sanding, first sanding portions of the floor and then working into the edges and corners with an orbital power sander.

For a truly professional sheen, a buffer with a high-grit screening pad is used. A stain of your choice is applied, followed by a lacquer or wood finish.

Refinishing and Varnishing is for the Professionals

Did you know refinishing cabinets can take anywhere between 60 to 130 hours, depending on the scope of the project? If done incorrectly, varnishing and refinishing can lead to frustration, wasted money, and even injury. That’s why Adam’s professional service is a no-brainer for your varnishing and refinishing needs in Oahu.

Why Varnish is Important

Varnish is a protective layer that can be used on wood and some other surfaces to protect furniture, cabinetry, and other surfaces from degrading over time. It adheres to the surface, sealing out contaminates, and prevents cracks, scratches, and moisture transfer.

Varnish and Hawaii Homes

Varnish adds tons of beauty to wooden surfaces. Many Hawaii homes have wooden rails, banisters, stairs, walkways, floors, decks, patios, and any number of wooden elements in the home. Wooden materials go hand-in-hand with the beauty of the islands.

Re-varnishing protects wooden surfaces and keeps them looking brand new. Because we live in Hawaii, it also means you have to be picky about the days for varnishing. Lower humidity days are ideal for varnishing, such as in the spring and fall months when there is less rain.

beautiful dark stain on natural wood to highlight the colors of a wooden architectural element in a hawaii house